If you have a history of diabetic issues, seizures, liver or heart problem or a heart attack make certain you get in touch with your healthcare supplier concerning these disorders to see if they could impact your treatment.

If you obtain any of them while using Prozac, those signs suggest an overdose and you will require to find emergency clinical help.

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SSRIs could trigger deadly lung problems in coming babies.

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Prozac has been stated to induce sleepiness in individuals taking it, so if you really feel sleepy after taking this medication prevent operating machinery or driving a vehicle to stay clear of accidents.

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, if you believe you might have ended up being expecting do not stop taking this drug (as a regression of misery might take place) and speak to your medical professional.

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If you get expecting while taking this medication talk to your physician prior to you determine to stop taking Prozac, as a regression of misery is possible.

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Beware of some of the severe adverse effects often mentioned and ensure you let your medical professional find out about them as early as feasible: fever, difficulty swallowing, problem breathing, uneven heart beat, hives, joint pain, breakout, swelling, aberrations, confusion, and seizures.

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Fluoxetine alleviates signs like lost appetite, focusing difficulty, concern, suicidal ideas, etc.

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Any drug you are presently taking need to be mentioned to your healthcare service provider before a prescription is written.

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See to it you proceed taking Prozac if you become expecting and speak with your physician concerning the potential threats.

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Prozac is a powerful SSRI antidepressant utilized to deal with significant depressive ailment, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attack, bulimia nervosa, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

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Fluoxetine ought to be taken once a day at the very same time every single day, as recommended by your medical professional.

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Make certain you never readjust your dose yourself, as there is a risk you may end up taking way too much of this medicine.

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